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Services Provided to GAL Students: 

Following formal identification, students identified as Gifted or Advanced are expected to have Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) created and implemented annually. The ILPs are based on student interests, follow an asset or strength-based approach to learning featuring problem/project-based learning, regular pre-assessment, and compacted/telescoped lessons.  

In addition to ILPs for Gifted and Advanced learners, students from all three tiers of identification in grades K-5 are expected to be cluster grouped so teachers can more readily and appropriately differentiate instruction for these learners. More than 120 schools have been supplied with ancillary gifted appropriate resources (M2/M3, Jacob’s Ladder, William & Mary math and science units) to support these learners in grades K-5 along with their grade peers who may not yet be formally identified but can benefit from the exposure to these curricula.  

As these students matriculate into 6th grade, those who are particularly skilled and interested in math and science can apply for the Ingenuity Project which is a program designed to accelerate learning for these students through 12th grade. Those students who do not wish to participate in the Ingenuity Project are invited to enroll in honors level courses where, in addition to their ILPs, they can experience compacted math curricula, grade level above ELA curricula, or science and social studies courses which feature significantly expanded project/problem-based learning opportunities such as the Morgan State Science Fair or National History Day. Starting this year, these middle grade students are also eligible to explore a wider range of electives via online learning opportunities called Gifted Exploratory Learning and cover topics ranging from Art Appreciation to Sociology.  Select students can also accelerate their learning, taking courses through APEX Virtual Learning School to earn credit in Algebra I and Geometry. 

Hamilton Elementary/Middle School Gifted and Advanced Learning: 

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