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Motto “A Tradition of Excellence”

Mission Statement

Hamilton E/M School will cultivate a diverse and academically accomplished, artistically skilled, and scientifically minded student body possessing the habits of mind and traits of good character necessary to succeed in the most competitive institutions of secondary education and in the careers of the 21st century.



Hamilton Elementary/Middle School will be viewed as the finest school in Baltimore City serving students in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grades.

Hamilton Pledge 
Today is a new day. I will make choices that help me and my classmates learn. As a Hamilton student, I pledge to practice the Hamilton High Fives. I will be honest, attentive, well-manner, kind, and studious. I can succeed, I want to succeed, and will succeed.

Hamilton High Fives
Honest                           We tell the truth.
Attentive                       We pay attention to adults and each other.
Well-mannered          We are polite, civil, and respectful.
Kind                                 We keep our hands, feet, and hurtful words to ourselves.
Studious                        We strive to do our best in every class.