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Dear Hamilton Family,

Hamilton students are required to wear school uniforms. 

Top: Burgundy shirt.

(Elementary School)Bottoms: 4 options-Khaki pants, Khaki shorts, Khaki below-the-knee skirt, burgundy, and gray plaid below-the-knee uniform skirt. All sweaters or jackets must be burgundy.

(Middle School ) The middle school scholars will be wearing black bottoms and burgundy tops. All sweaters or jackets must be burgundy. Pants cannot be leggings or athletic wear ( no sweatpants).  They should be Khaki material, but the color black.

Possible Options

Bottoms: 4 options-Black khaki pants/slacks, Black Khaki shorts, Black Khaki below-the-knee skirt. All bottoms MUST be black for middle school students.

Dresses: 2 options-Black Khaki uniform below the knee dress, burgundy/gray plaid below the knee uniform skirt or dress.

Sweaters/ Hoodies/Cardigans/Blazers: 1 option-all sweaters, cardigans, blazers, or hoodies must be burgundy only. No other colors will be permitted to be worn during the school day. 


You may also purchase school apparel with the Hamilton logo from Sportsline/Xsell Promotions. Hamiton’s Uniform Webpage ( will be active starting July 30, 2023.  Xsell Promo’s contact information is: They are located at 8001 Harford Road in Parkville, Maryland and the phone number is (410) 882 - 8001. Our contact person is Ms. Marie . These items are optional. You are not required to purchase apparel with the school logo. 

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