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Volunteers, Partners and Donors
Your Help Makes a Difference!


Thank you for your interest in supporting our school. Strong partners and community support from volunteers and donors are key to creating great schools. A partnership is an ongoing relationship between the school and a group or organization such as a business, faith institution, college, community group, etc. Volunteers are individuals who are interested in giving their time to help out in specific ways at the school level. City Schools is reaching out broadly to potential partners and volunteers to ask how they can help all of its schools. Your willingness to help can make an enormous difference for our own students, and our city.

From this page, you can explore volunteer and partnership opportunities, sign up to volunteer or partner at our school, or make a donation to help our school excel. 

Hamilton's current community partners:


  • Hamilton PTA              

  • Ingenuity Project                                       

  • Fitness, Fun, & Games      

  • Hamilton Arts Collective              

  • Girls in the Game      

  • Kaboom!            

  • Parks & People    

  • Calvary Tabernacle Church

  • Chesapeake Bay Trust

  • Blue Water Baltimore

  • Master Gardeners (UMD)

  • Linq Services, Inc.

  • Stocks of the Future

  • FEV Tutors

  • R & H Community Services

  • Pets on Wheels

  • Univ. of Md School of Social Work

  • Olympia Masala of Parkville

  • Axiom Learning

  • Axiom Educators

  • Hamilton Library 



    Healthy Neighborhoods 

  • Hamilton Gallery            

  • Vision for Baltimore

  • Donors Choose       

  • Urban Teacher Center 

  • Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street 

  • Echo Hill

  • North Bay

  • Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association

  • Harbel Community Organization

  • Constellation Energy

  • Stocks in the Future 

  • Arts Everyday

  • Young Audiences

  • Middle Grades Partnership

  • MECU

  • Girl Scouts Community Outreach

  • Boy Scouts Troop #161

  • Hamilton Football

  • Christ Power Church and Ministries

  • Northern Pharmacy

  • The Lyric Opera House

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