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Hamilton EMS/ City Schools Forms

Click on the forms below in order to download and print them.


This form must be entirely completed in order for school health staff to administer the required medication. A new medication administration form must be completed at the beginning of each school year, for each medication, and each time there is a change in dosage or time of administration of a medication.  Prescription medication must be in a container labeled by a pharmacist or healthcare provider.  Non-prescription medication must be in the original unopened/sealed container with the label intact.  An adult must bring in the medication to the school.  The school nurse (RN) will call the healthcare provider, as allowed by HIPAA, if a question arises about the student and/or the student’s medication.  Expired and discontinued medication not picked up by the last day of school will be destroyed.

Parent/Guardian Consent Form and COVID-19 Awareness Agreement

Families are required to submit one consent form per student by the end of the second week of school More than ever before, we all – individually and collectively – share responsibility for the well-being of our students, staff, families, and neighbors. This is particularly true when it comes to students returning to school this fall. In order to keep our community safe, City Schools has developed robust health and safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. These protocols are based on the latest medical research, best practices, and input from the Baltimore City Health Department, our public health advisors, and other stakeholders. As a result, City Schools is implementing key mitigation strategies recommended by the CDC including masking, social distancing, hand washing, air filtration, COVID-19 testing, and contact tracing. These protocols are described in detail in the City Schools Health and Safety Guide.

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