Virtual Supply List 

The supply list below will start the year.  Teachers may ask for additonal items such as more pencils, crayons, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, paper towels, tissues, etc. once we start in-person instruction.  If you need help getting any supplies, please reach out to Mrs. Randall at or Mrs. Myers at


Pencils/pencil sharpener (beginner pencil recommended), Glue Sticks, Yellow highlighter, Box of crayons, Dry Erase Board, 

Dry Erase Markers, Composition notebook, safety scissors, Markers, Watercolor paints, Play-Doh, Construction paper, Dice, Chips/counters to be used as manipulatives for math, Headphones 


Bookbag, 1 primary composition notebook with blank space for pictures & grade school spaces, 1 fabric pencil pouch, 2 plastic folders with pockets, 24 sharpened pencils, scissors, 1 liquid glue, 1 box crayons, 6-pack glue sticks, 4 black dry erase markers, dry erase board, construction paper 

1st Grade  

3 composition notebooks, 1 pack of pencils, 3 solid plastic folders, 1 clear Wescott 12-inch ruler, 1 fabric pencil pouch, 1 pack Crayola Twistable crayons (24 pack), 3 big erasers, 8 dry-erase markers, 1 black 1-inch binder 

2nd Grade 

1 pack of pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 (24) pack of crayons, 2 big erasers, 4 highlighters (green, blue, yellow, pink), 1 plastic pocket folder with fasteners, 3 plastic pocket folders, scissors, 6 glue sticks, 3 composition notebooks, 1 zipper pencil pouch, 1 pack of 10 markers, 1 bag lima beans, 1 bag kidney beans (for math manipulatives) 

3rd Grade  

2 ½ or 3 in. Binder, 1 pack pencils, 3 composition notebooks, 4 spiral notebooks, 2 highlighters, 2 packs of notebook paper, 4 plastic folders with holes, 1 box crayons/colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, 2 folders (1 blue, 1 green), 1 pack dry erase markers, sticky notes, pencil pouch to put in binder, large erasers, headphones 

4th Grade 

5-subject notebook with poly cover, plastic folder w/ 3 prongs, plastic dividers with pouches, zipper pencil pouch, colored pencils, personal pencil sharpener with catch, 1 pack of pencils, 2 erasers, 2 glue sticks 

5th Grade  

5-subject notebook with poly cover, plastic folder w/ 3 prongs, plastic dividers with pouches, zipper pencil pouch, colored pencils, personal pencil sharpener with catch, 1 pack of pencils, 2 erasers, 2 glue sticks 

Ingenuity Science (6-8) 

2 composition notebook, 2 packs notebook paper, binder, pack red pens, highlighter, 3 pencils, 12 plastic pocket dividers (for cw, hw, notes) 

Ingenuity Math (6-8) 

2 composition notebooks, 1-inch binder, pack of paper, pencils, dividers, 2 pocket folders, red pen, highlighter 

6th and 7th Grade Social Studies 

Notebook, pencils, plastic 2-pocket folder, highlighter 


6th Grade Science and Math 

1-inch binder, pack of paper, dividers, pencils, highlighter, erasers, notebook, 2-pocket folder  

6th Grade Language Arts 

1 binder and 5 dividers, pencils, blue or black pens, red, green or purple pen 

7th  and  8th Grade Language Arts  

4 notebooks, 1 pack Post it! notes, pencils, highlighters, pack of markers, crayons or colored pencils 

7th Grade Math and Science 

2 folders, 2 composition notebooks, pencils, loose leaf paper, 1 spiral notebook, blue/ black pens, highlighters, markers 

8th Grade Social Studies 

Spiral notebook, pens, headphones or earbuds, a 12-pack of Tops the Legal Pad Writing Pads 5” x 8” (legal pads that are canary yellow- 12 pack) 

8th Grade Science and Math 

1 spiral notebook, blue/ black pens, highlighters, Colored markers, 5-section notebook, colored pencils, ball of yarn 

Mr. Brown/ Ms. Durio’s Class 

Binder, paper, dividers, pencils, spiral notebook, plastic pocket folder, crayons, colored pencils, pencil case, dry erase markers, dry erase board, glue sticks 

Mrs. Riga’s Class 

3 notebooks, pencils, 24 pack of crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, dry erase markers, dry erase board, pencil case, book bag 

ESOL: 1 notebook, 1 folder. Please label with student name and ESOL