Virtual Learning at Hamilton

Baltimore City Schools is committed to providing engaging, virtual learning opportunities for all students.  This is not school as usual, but it will be the "new normal" for the near future.  BCPSS is committed to the following three goals:

1) to continue learning while being as flexible as possible for our families

2) to continue the connections that matter-- between teacher and student, family, and school, and

3) to create a safe and nurturing virtual classroom community where everyone supports each other

This is no easy task, but the staff and teachers at Hamilton are dedicated to making this the best possible experience for every student.


If you are in need of a computer or hot spot for your child, please complete this survey:


If you need food during this time, here are the meal sites:

Google Classroom:

Most teachers use Google Classroom to post classroom updates, assignments, and Zoom links.  Your child will need to locate the Zoom links here to sign into class daily.  This is also where your child will upload assignments.


Videos to help students login to Google Classroom:



What is Clever?

Clever is an easy way for you to access all your learning applications. With Clever, you only have to remember one username and password, or use a Clever Badge, to log into all your applications.  If you log onto Clever, you should not have to log onto anything else.  It will automatically log you in.

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on (SSO) is what Clever uses to log you into all your learning applications. You only have to sign in once (a single sign-on) to the Clever Portal, then you can click on your learning applications without signing in again!

What is the Clever Portal?

The Clever Portal is where you can access all your learning applications.  


How do I sign into the Clever Portal?

If you have a device from the school, it automatically logs you into Clever when you sign in.  If you are using yoru own device, go to and login as a student.  Search Hamilton Elementary MIddle School.  (Make sure it says Baltimore, Maryland) Sign in usinging your entire email address, whichis your student  Use the password you usually use with your student id.

If you are using your own device: 

Due to a recent Google update some students using personal or unmanaged district Chromebook are unable to login with their city schools account. Google’s recommended workaround is outlined below. Add your City Schools account to your personal or unmanaged Chromebook To use multiple Google Accounts at the same time, you can add them to your Chromebook. When you add your city schools account, you will have access to school apps and Google Classroom.

1. Sign in with your Gmail account. (example:

2. At the bottom right, select the time, then select Settings .

3. In the "People" section, at the top, click on your Google Account.

4. Select + Add account.

5. On the Google Sign in screen enter your 7-digit city schools user ID, then click Next. (example:

6. You will be redirected to a BCPSS Sign in to your organizational account page.

7. Enter your city schools User ID and Password, click Sign in.

8. Close settings window and open Chrome browser.

9. Click your Gmail user account icon in the upper right, select the BCPSS user you added.

10. Your Apps waffle will not have your BCPSS apps and Google Classroom.

Help with Zoom: 

The link below has videos to help you log in using a Chromebook, city schools device, and a phone.  Please look at the videos on the link if you need help accessing zoom links.