Virtual Learning at Hamilton

Baltimore City Schools is committed to providing engaging, virtual learning opportunities for all students.  This is not school as usual, but it will be the "new normal" for the near future.  BCPSS is committed to the following three goals:

1) to continue learning while being as flexible as possible for our families

2) to continue the connections that matter-- between teacher and student, family, and school, and

3) to create a safe and nurturing virtual classroom community where everyone supports each other

This is no easy task, but the staff and teachers at Hamilton are dedicated to making this the best possible experience for every student.  

Learning opportunities will be offered in the following formats:

- The Education and City Television Channels

- Online learning opportunities

- Online teacher/student/family platforms such as Google Classrooms

- Phone outreach support

- Student work packets

Although we are also new to distance learning, we are working tirelessly to ensure we meet each of the goals to fulfill the immediate learning needs of our students.  Please be patient with us as we learn from our mistakes and promise to improve each day. 

Weekly Family Guides to Learning

Weekly Family Guides will be posted for parents and students to see the learning plan for the following week.  

Each day, Baltimore City Schools will have the day's video-taped lessons posted in two places:  online and on TV Channel 77.  All information on how to access the videos and the lessons are posted in the Weekly Family Guides.  

Getting Into Google Classroom

May teacher's are posting their work in their own Google Classroom.  All Hamilton teachers have created Google Classrooms that will help students access their work assignments, get messages, and links for other opportunities to learn.  Here you can also send messages to your teachers, you can see work to do, and you'll get the link to the live classroom time with your teacher--Blackboard Collaborate.

Click here for directions to log into Google Classroom and here for a video (must open in Google Drive)

I don't have access to technology!

Using Blackboard Collaborate

Teachers will hold "live" classes on Blackboard Collaborate. Teachers schedules will be posted shortly.

The Weekly Family Guides will give you options of how to still get the work, watch the videos on TV Channel 77, print work packets, or pick up packets at one of the Emergency Food Sites.  Technology and food survey: 

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6101 Old Harford Road

Baltimore, MD 21214 

(410) 396-6375

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