With a focus on science and math, Hamilton prepares students for success. Upper grade students take science in two advanced lab facilities, while upper elementary students have a dedicated science resource teacher to foster a love of science early on. All students have an opportunity to participate in school and city-wide science fairs. Middle School students have the option of testing into the nationally recognized Ingenuity Program that focuses on advanced work in math and science.

                                                     Ingenuity Teams

6th Grade:                                                                           7th Grade:                                                8th Grade:

Science     Ms. Knutson                                                 Ms. Kavanaugh                                      Mr. Lessner
Math            Ms. Schmidt                                                 Mr. McClain                                             Ms. Schmidt

Language Arts/Social Studies Ms. Frain              Mr. Jennings                                          Ms. Ambrose

Ingenuity start-up at Hamilton Elementary/Middle

The Ingenuity Project started with one 6th-grade class in the 2008-09 school year, expanded to two classes in 2009-10 (6th and 7th grades) and has expanded to three classes this school year (6th, 7th and 8th grades). In 2010, the Ingenuity Project experienced its first graduating 8th grade class.


   Student Admission


The minimum criteria for participation: 
(a) scores at or above the 80th percentile in reading and mathematics on standardized tests (or "Advanced-Proficient" on MSA's) and 
(b) A's and B's/E's and G's in academic subjects on their report cards. Applicants meeting this criteria take the admission test. 
Applicants with the highest scores are ranked 1, 2, 3, and so on. The applicants are offered placement in the class according to rank until the class is filled.


   Administration Policies and Procedures

The Ingenuity Project requires that all students attain 80% in both mathematics and science to remain in the Project. Students whose grades are below 80% at the end of the year will not be invited to return the following year and will be put in a regular class. Students with grades close to 80% may be required to attend a summer program and return the next school year "on probation."

Ingenuity students are a part of the student body and are expected to follow school rules for uniform/dress code, behavior and attendance.

   Ingenuity Curriculum

Ingenuity math and science curricula have been developed by master teachers; the scope and sequence meet and exceed the MSDE standards.

   Math and Science Sequences

6th grade:

Singapore Mathematics

Earth and Space Science

7th grade:


Living Things

8th grade:

Algebra I

Chemistry and Physics

All Ingenuity Project teachers administer the same unit tests at each middle school. The 6th grade students prepare class projects, 7th grade students prepare group projects (participation in local fairs is optional) and 8th grade students prepare individual projects for the Morgan State Science Fair and the Baltimore Science Fair.

   General Information

The Ingenuity Project will provide students a computer lab and textbooks. Ingenuity teachers will hold coach classes and prepare students for competitions. The Learning Club will be a "study hall" to do homework. For 1-2 weeks in July, Ingenuity runs a Singapore Math Jumpstart program for the incoming 6th graders.

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